Coach Nate


     Coach Nate comes from a varied background. Spending years as a police officer and EMT as well as a member of the Infantry in the U.S. Army, he has gathered a disciplined skillset. Nate has been powerlifting for many years and holds many accolades to his name and his passion for the sport drives him and his clients forward. 

     Nate started in fitness way back as a child playing soccer. A sport he would end up playing for 23 years before turning to powerlifting. He is a certified ISSA CPT, Certified Coach, And Referee. 

     Coach Nate has made it a point to devote the rest of his life to fitness, powerlifting, and making people stronger through empowerment and discipline and motivation. 

     Nate works with all levels of athletes and pulls on his history of having some of the best coaches in the world to learn from. 

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